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As a novice piano player, it really was tough to find the tools I needed to start playing and learning. Sure the scales, chords, arpeggios and books on technique were simple to find but not a metronome. My piano teacher told me that I needed to learn with a metronome and that I need to find one, quickly. Since I enjoy, I began browsing. Landing on a few models, I wasn't really that excited, as they looked, quite frankly, inexpensive, and had numerous customer complaints regarding bad timing, appearance, no instructions and poor shipping. How difficult is it to sell a functioning device that just goes tick tock back and forth? I then found the Tempi Metronome. Taking a look at the pictures and description, this was the brand to get and I simply felt it in my gut. The look was extremely great and I would enjoy having it on the piano. It looked extremely sophisticated. After checking out the evaluations, each and every single one pointed out high-quality. These people weren't kidding; I discovered a metronome that was a dream come true. In the event you want to learn new info about Check this out at metronome/, we recommend millions of online resources you should think about pursuing. On Saturday, I ordered it right away and got to even check off free-two day shipping to my house. How cool is that?! Now I thought the waiting game was on. However, I got an e-mail from Tempi within an hour. They told me how happy they were that I purchased a metronome from them and that I could discover an online instruction manual attached that I should check out. This instruction manual was outlined with images, text, videos and FAQ's. I cannot even imagine that I was getting an offer like this for simply $45! They told me to wait a few days up until they follow-up about the metronome but already, they produced much more excitement of me having it. I found out the best ways to operate it and even some music theory that is used for practice. I even informed my teacher about what I learned, which she verified was accurate and pleased that I was discovering on my own. A few days later, I received the metronome and it was just spectacular. The way it was thoroughly packaged in a box with bubble wrap alone was cool. I looked through the box and discovered an instruction manual as well as a cleaning cloth. It was actually surprising how elegant, good and fast this all happened. I took it to my piano teacher and she tried it out with me on a level surface and she stated it worked excellent! She actually liked the look and feel of it so much that she asked where I got it from. As a happy owner of the Tempi brand, I told her. And still, they shocked me MUCH MORE. They sent me a link to their blog where they compose extremely useful practice and learning tips, podcasts and videos tailored towards pianists and musicians weekly! They assure that when I do business with them, I do not justget a metronome, but I end up being a better musician. Working with them is, well, terrific. They are extremely kind and genuinely want their customers to be successful . They called me to ask if the product showed up well and if I was enjoying it, sent out a few Amazon messages and they even sent me a hand-written thank you card in the mail that thanked me for the purchase. If I had a question, they would call me or email a comprehensive response within a few hours. They are really responsible business people. As far as I'm concerned, this was one of the greatest purchases I have made and I'm informing everybody about it. I also just purchased one for a best friend's daughter and selected the custom gift-wrapping option as a gift for her birthday. I'm confident she and the daughter will enjoy it like I did :).